First, a few caveats: I am not a mother. I have never breastfed anyone. This is all just an opinion: mine. I don’t expect you to agree with me but that doesn’t mean I’ll allow abuse here either. No mean comments are allowed, and rudeness (unless it’s funny) isn’t allowed either.

A brouhaha started on Twitter because of a random tweet from this kid NASCAR driver (He barely looks old enough to shave, who’s taking him or his opinions seriously?) about how nasty it was that this woman was breastfeeding in the grocery store. Then he was rude to another tweeter, calling her a nasty name (I don’t know what it was; I’m coming in to this whole thing at the aftermath) then the internet blew up and he did the apology thing I hate. You know, the “I’m sorry if you were offended blah blah blah…” rather than a full on “I’m sorry. I was rude and I apologize.”

Outside of his rudeness, there stands the question: IS IT okay to breastfeed in the grocery store? Should it be okay? Should I be able to describe your nipples to my friend later? Isn’t this meant to be an intimate act between a mother and a child? Should it really be shared with a hundred strangers waiting to buy groceries? Is it really comfortable to be carrying your baby, breastfeeding and trying to push a grocery cart at the same time? And if you’re with your spouse, why wouldn’t you find a quiet corner (the pharmacy has nice chairs to rest on)?

I think my question is more: Why? Why do women breastfeed in public? Why do you, as a woman, choose to bare your breast as a food-giving tool to the public? Please explain this to me. Outside of “because I can” or “because I should be able to feed my child wherever I choose”, none of which is an actual answer (imagine your child giving you this as an answer to why they’re doing something. How quickly would you shut them down?).

To me, breastfeeding is a private act. It’s a way for a mother to build a connection to their child while nourishing them with milk and antibodies created through the mother’s body and her own health experiences. I think what I object to is the mothers who whip out their boob in the middle of any and every situation, treating their bodies like a fast food restaurant. Have some respect for your body and for your role. How do we teach children at a later age to respect and honour the food they put in their bodies when we treat the nourishment we give them when they are babies and our own bodies as nothing more than garbage?

Then there are the women who choose to breastfeed in public as a demonstration of something but then cause a scene when not everyone is on board with what they’re doing. It’s like the people who choose to dress outside of societal norms and then cause a scene when someone does a quick double-take. Look, you’re allowed to do what you like. However, I’m ALSO allowed to be surprised by it. I don’t HAVE TO treat everything you do as though it’s something I see in my life every day. My double take isn’t a judgment (mostly), it’s just SURPRISE.

There are few things as beautiful as a woman who is serenely sitting with her child, feeding him/her, saving this moment for a select few. There are few things as obnoxious as a woman popping open her blouse and bra while in the middle of a conversation. Am I wrong?

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Um… I’m scared

No, this isn’t about something stupid.

… Okay, it kind of is.

I’m starting to freak out a little because I don’t know what to do and I’m having a hard time making up my mind and that’s what blogging was really good for when I was doing it so much more a few years ago because it really helps me put all my thoughts in order and to figure out what the fuck I want to do and can I make this any more of a run on sentence? YES.

Oh, you want to know what I’m talking about? (Of course you don’t.) Here goes:

I bought an apartment many years ago (maybe about 7), right before the real estate boom in my city. I literally lucked out. A month later, and my place would have sold for tens of thousands more than I paid for it. Of course, if I had been smarter, I would have paid about the same for a place that was nicer with 1 more bedroom a few years before that. BUT I DIGRESS.

So, for the last few years, after my … strange work situation (I don’t want to talk about it), I decided it was safer and would help me keep my apartment if I moved in with family (sigh) and rented my place out. I found a lovely old couple (they’re in their 70s, I’m not just being rude) and they’ve been delightful renters for the most part.

Recently, I’ve been feeling… confined. I’m not a real big people person (stop laughing) and I feel like I’m surrounded with family even locked away in my room. There’s no reprieve from them. I love them, don’t get me wrong. There’s not one who’s (whose?) death I’m actively advocating for (there are a couple I wouldn’t shed tears for but that’s another story) and they are very kind to me, very nurturing.

So… my renters are moving out. They’re old (like I said) and their daughter who used to live across the street now lives in another city. Same with their son that was just down the block. Their other daughter lives in the same city but with all the weird traffic issues, she’s about 30 minutes away. They’re starting to have more serious health issues and their 3rd child (the daughter who lives in the city) wants to live with them to take care of them.

She’s sweet, if a bit shrill. Though I’m sure some would say that about me as well. Though instead of “shrill”, they may say “bitchy”. And they wouldn’t include sweet.

So, they’re looking to find a larger place where they’ll all fit and that’s definitely not my apartment.

Now I have a choice. I can move back in to my own apartment or I can rent it out. Yes, yes, I could also sell the apartment but right now, that’s not one of the options I’m looking at.

So, if I rent it out, I would leave everything as is. It would save me some money, I could look into buying something a little bigger with better amenities (like insuite laundry. Dear god, insuite laundry is underrated) and I could build a little real estate empire (I’ve mentioned I’m a little grandiose sometimes, yes?).

But if I move back in, I would change the flooring and I’d want to update the bathroom first. It’ll cost a bit and be a bitch and a half, plus also slowing down how many courses I can take at one time because I wouldn’t have the extra money kicking around. At the same time, I would salvage my brain and lower the chances of me going on a killing spree.

So seriously, it’s a choice between preventing a killing spree and building a real estate empire. HOW DO I CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM?!

Did I mention I also hate my kitchen? I hate it so much. Of course, that one isn’t as big a deal. The appliances are fine but the cabinets. Oh god, the cabinets.

But the freedom to be pantsless at any time of the day! I know I haven’t mentioned how much I like to be pantsless lately but that’s because I CAN’T BE BECAUSE OF ALL THE DAMN PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE. Oh, the pantslessness. I miss you so much.

I’d do a survey but I don’t know how and it just seems like too much work. So maybe just leave comments. You’re all smart(ish. Oh, yeah, I’m talking about you, FakeSmartie. I see you) and I’d like to know your opinion.

So, what do you think?

Edited to add: Wait, did I convey how worried I am about being poor? I am VERY worried about being poor. I’m not good at poor. I forget to do things and then I’m eating ketchup packets for dinner. AND I’M ALLERGIC TO CORN SYRUP! Oh god. I’ve gotten used to being fed. I need to be an adult again.

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QotD: Would you rather climb a mountain or run a marathon?

I love these! Stupid or not, Question of the Day is one of the things I miss the most about Vox, after my awesome neighbourhood. Oh, WordPress, I am much more impressed by you now.

With a choice between the two (and since “learn to surf” isn’t an option), I’m definitely mountain climbing. Please. You’re asking me to pick between having sherpas carry my shit for me up a mountain and the possibility of losing fingers but being lauded as a heroine instead of a dumbass vs POOING MYSELF.


People who run marathons poo themselves. They will pee while running and there are thousands of people nearby watching this. I’m sure I’m going to poo myself one of these days (not a sickie poo myself but a full on old person poo myself) but I’m hoping it’s in a nursing home where I’ve paid them good money to wipe my bum. It will not be in front of some snot nosed kids who’ll take pictures and put it online.

Seriously, have you seen the picture of the skinny guy who pooed himself while running a marathon? That is DISGUSTING. It’s all over his thighs. It also looks like sticky baby poo. I don’t even want to know what he ate that morning.

Climb a mountain? People think I’m awesome. If I lose fingers because of the cold? I’m even more awesome. If I have to cut off my fingers like that guy who wandered off the beaten track and had to cut off his own arm (never do that, please. Those people suck)? SOMEONE MAKES A MOVIE ABOUT ME.

No one makes a movie about a woman pooing herself. Except in Bridesmaids and that was just a scene, not the whole movie.

Really, it’s a choice between having a movie made about you or pooping yourself. The answer’s clear. Poo is a no go.

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I love and hate this time of year. I love the cold crispness of everything but I hate that I get fucking SAD. Not the “boohoo, I’m so saaaaad!” but the stupid motherfucking Seasonal Affectedness (Affected? Whatever. That “A” word) Disorder.

It has now become the time of year where I need to remind myself that I don’t have fangs and I can’t rend the flesh from my enemies. (DAMMIT) It has also become that time of the year where I wish harm on many because they’re all tapdancing on my last damn nerve.

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I just came off of 4 days off. What did I do during that whole time? I SLEPT. Did I study for my midterm (that’s today)? Nope. I slept. Do my homework? Nope, slept. Go to my goddamn massage appointment? NO, I SLEPT. It’s like I became a cat during my days off. I slept an average of 14 hours a day during those days. That’s not right; I’m not a housecat (though I have been accused of being catty in my history. You thought I was going to use the other cat synonym, didn’t you?).

Now all I can think about is finishing work and going back to bed. I may stop and have some dinner first. MAYBE.

PS, I swear I’ll be a little more interesting soon but I need some more… sleep.

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Explain to me…

Explain to me how people who are supposedly fluent in the language can fuck up reading comprehension so spectacularly.

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Is it dumb…

to hate how WordPress presents the blogs I’ve “subscribed” to? (I’m sorry, that just sounds so impersonal for the blog stalking I used to like to do. It just seemed so much nicer when all these people were my NEIGHBOURS.)

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I’m not really sure I titled this correctly. It’s been a while since I thought about NANO (almost a year, I guess. HA! … Why do I only make myself laugh?) but I think I’m going to do it this year.

Warning: I am seriously considering posting my entries. This means you will see my normal first draft. In it’s disjointed, insane glory. (You think I’m joking, don’t you?) I’ve found I’m very disjointed when I write. I will write part of one scene and then want to start a different one. I could write the ending at the very beginning, trying to figure out how they got to that point. Hell, sometimes I’ll decide that’s the wrong ending for the story or the characters aren’t cooperating with the direction I want to go.

I’ll throw away characters or keep them for another story. I was writing one where the character kept calling me stupid. It didn’t help that she was right (or write! HA! … I’ll stop). She was entirely the wrong character for the situation. She didn’t fit and she wasn’t the type of character that would do what I was trying to make her do. You’ll get to see that.

I can feel your excitement (hee hee! … I know, I said I’d stop. I’m a liar).

Sometimes I’ll write a sentence and spend the rest of the paragraph talking about nonsense, like what the clouds look like at the time I’m writing it. I don’t know why I do it but it works for me.

I do have a story that’s been percolating in my head for the last few years. I think I want to try it. It’s your typical girl meets girl meets boy romance. I hope it hasn’t already been written but I’m not sure.

I’m also going to be writing more reviews. I just signed up for Canadian Netflix (fewer movies available than the US but still good) and I have so much fun tweeting about them but I’d like to write actual reviews.

So, I guess what I’m saying is: If you’ve missed me, you’ll get to see much a lot more often. If you haven’t missed me, you’re going to want to stop following me or whatever it is that WordPress allows us to do. (I miss neighbourhoods but I like the more functional categories).

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