QotD: Movie Soundtrack

What’s the best movie soundtrack of all time?

Do you like real country music? Like real, real country music? If so, I highly recommend the Traveller soundtrack. No idea how good the movie is (never watched it) but most of the music? Amazing. There are a few songs that I choose not to listen because… well, those ones suck (if you listen, tell me which ones you think I mean). But I think it’s maybe 4 songs out of 17 which is a pretty good percentage for me. (I take unreasonable dislikes to some things. I don’t know why and I’m trying to change.)

Anyway, take a listen. Let me know you think.

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3 Responses to QotD: Movie Soundtrack

  1. Never heard of it. Bring up a copy when you visit?Also? VISIT! 😀

  2. lostdwarf says:

    I'll bring my iPod. All my cds are tucked away in boxes right now 🙂
    Also, have I mentioned that Westjet keeps trying to route me through Calgary to get to you guys? It gets to the point where it'd be faster to drive there. (I should have a new car by the end of the month!)

  3. Driving is way faster, yeah. And I saw! BLUE NISSAN VERSA!

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