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I love and hate this time of year. I love the cold crispness of everything but I hate that I get fucking SAD. Not the “boohoo, I’m so saaaaad!” but the stupid motherfucking Seasonal Affectedness (Affected? Whatever. That “A” word) … Continue reading

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Is it dumb…

to hate how WordPress presents the blogs I’ve “subscribed” to? (I’m sorry, that just sounds so impersonal for the blog stalking I used to like to do. It just seemed so much nicer when all these people were my NEIGHBOURS.)

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I’m not really sure I titled this correctly. It’s been a while since I thought about NANO (almost a year, I guess. HA! … Why do I only make myself laugh?) but I think I’m going to do it this … Continue reading

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Why is it so difficult and weird to add a post to WordPress? Why do I have to sign in on the wordpress site instead of my own blog? And why do I have to go through all this rigamarole … Continue reading

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QotD: Up in the Air

Do you ever call friends or use the Internet when flying or do you use airplane time as an opportunity to unwind, read, or talk to strangers? How do you usually pass the time when you’re in the air? Sponsored … Continue reading

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