Poetry Pants redux

If you've been with me for a while, you may remember about a year ago, a man walked past my desk who I quickly dubbed Poetry Pants.

Not to his face, of course; I'm shy. ::blinks innocently:: (I am TOO shy!)

Then this past week or so, there was a huge production going on at work and while I was helping out one day, a man walked in to the lounge and my tongue almost dropped to the floor.

No, seriously. I had to make sure my mouth was closed. And while I probably seem like I perv on a lot of guys, there are very few out there that actually make my tongue fall out.

What were his pants like? I… don't really know. I failed in that respect. I was too busy trying to make sure the roomful of people were taken care of that I couldn't spend the normal amount of time just ogling a beautiful looking man.


Oh! And in our IT department, there's this really cute guy who ALSO has poetry pants but I think he's gay. He's just really well put together. If he's not gay, then his mom raised a really tidy kid who really knows how to wear his pants where they're supposed to go.

My gaydar is so off right now. I blame tv.

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4 Responses to Poetry Pants redux

  1. foxsydee says:

    Gotta appreciate that beautiful scenery! :p
    And yes, I totally relate to the gaydar thing. Living downtown, I think my gaydar is on pretty strong….but you just never know sometimes. Some are pretty obvious….but some you would never know. I had one guy prance by me on the seawall yesterday…and his body movements made me laugh so hard. I never knew you could combine prancing and running! :p
    Anyhoo, let's all raise a glass to all the men with poetry pants! They make the scenery of our lives so much better!!

  2. YAY!!! I've missed your Poetry Pants Posts….So is the first guy someone who works there? Or visits a lot? Or just a random poetry-pants guy?

  3. lostdwarf says:

    AND! The guy in the IT department? Taller than me with amazing shoulders.
    Please let my gaydar be wrong, please let it be wrong!

  4. lostdwarf says:

    The very first Poetry Pants (The OPP, if you will) is a faculty member (I think part-time); so is the second possible Poetry Pants.
    And I WISH they would just randomly walk by!

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