QotD: Oscar Snubs

The Oscar nominations were announced yesterday. Which movie or actress do you think we snubbed?

I had something written out that sounded insane, even to me. Just blathery and babbling and crazy pants.  I think it's because it's 3 am. I'm going to confine my answer to this: no one was snubbed. I'm sure they're fine.

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2 Responses to QotD: Oscar Snubs

  1. Why were you blogging at 3am? Also, was 9 nominated for anything?

  2. lostdwarf says:

    I worked last night (tonight too!) so I thought I'd take a boo at Vox. I think 9 was nominated for song and maybe something else. It wasn't very much though and I'm fairly certain they were locked out of Best Picture but I've heard it's not a very good movie.

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