QotD: Thoughts on Exercising

Do you like to exercise? Why or why not?
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I'm tired so it's possible this won't make a lick of sense.

Also, I will now be using phrases like "won't make a lick of sense." Because I am now your grandmother (my grandmother spoke Chinese and would never have used that phrase).

ANYWAY, visit me on twitter, blah blah blah now to answer the Vox QOtD:

Does anyone really LIKE to exercise? Really? Not me. Sure, they tell you to do activities that you enjoy but I enjoy sitting. Sitting, drinking tea and reading a book with some video games and movies on the side. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be one of those exercise regimines (why does that not look right? Should there be more "e"s?) that are endorsed by the fitness people.

My dislike of exercise would be easy to blame on my horrible gym teacher(s) which may or may not have caused my subsequent dislike of team sports or athletics but I'm a grown ass woman. I don't exercise because I don't exercise. There are things I like to do and I just don't do them because there are times when it just seems like too much damn trouble.

The problem is that in order to have enough energy to work out, I need to start working out. It's a stupid catch-22 that has caused me to buy a jump rope. I will be jumping rope on my road to fitness. I expect the hula hoop may make a return in the near future. If I can find one for an adult.

I tried hot yoga last Thursday but I don't think the yoga place I went to was meant for me. The lead felt more like a drill sergeant than a yoga instructor and it was freaking hot.

I know it's in the name but I think I was in there for way too long. The end result included vomiting. Which was my own damn fault. Not enough water before the class.

The other thing is that my work schedule is quite strange right now. It's not bad but it's strange. It's been a huge adjustment to my lifestyle. And now I'm just rambling. Will you notice that I'm rambling? Make a note in the comments.

What I'm working on now is daily (short) bits of exercise in order to help me incorporate it in to my day. Really, I can't break out 10 minutes to jump rope or use the treadmill? That's too lame, even for me. And I don't need someone coming here to say "Oh, but 10 minutes doesn't do anything" because you can piss off. 10 minutes of working out is better than none at all and I'm going to increase it but I know, for me, if I start with the intention of doing 30 minutes every day, I will not only fail but fail HARD.

Look at me! I'm writing a blog post while tired (I'm at work right now), rambling about exercise and telling people who may read this to piss off. Aren't you happy to have me back?

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10 Responses to QotD: Thoughts on Exercising

  1. foxsydee says:

    Hey rambly rambler grandmother type person :p…..10 minutes is better than nothing and kudos to you for making the effort. Baby steps.
    And yes, hot yoga isn't for everyone. Find things that work for you and that may involve trial and error…..in likes/dislikes, abilitities, and what jives with your schedule. Doing something is better than doing nothing. And every little bit of success and habits you form/get will spur you onto more. What happened to your gazelle thingy?

  2. foxsydee says:

    haha….did I just write "abilitities" above? that sounds funny….. :p

  3. lostdwarf says:

    Oh, hello! What are you doing up so early?!
    I still have the gazelle and I'll still use it as one of the things I do but for a while, there was so much piled around it that there was no way to use it
    How are you doing? I haven't been going through the neighbourhood at all.

  4. foxsydee says:

    early? it's called a job! I usually work 7-3:30 or 7:30-4
    I am fine. Tired.
    How are you? Did you have a good bday?

  5. handtalker says:

    Yay! I was wondering when you would be back!!I dunno. Hot yoga just seems like an oxymoron.

  6. lostdwarf says:

    Huh, I guess. It just feels early, says the woman who worked all night and is going to bed right now.
    I'm all right. Birthday was nice. We went to a winery for a wine tasting (yum!) and then went to The Point in Steveston (double YUM!) for dinner. All in all, quite nice. How was yours?

  7. lostdwarf says:

    I just realized I can post through email so it's possible I'll be back more often. I'll need to see how it works.
    Hot yoga is where I found out my legs will drip sweat. It was disconcerting. It was also entertaining to see sweat dripping off all these other people. I also learned that light grey is NOT a good colour to do hot yoga in. Sweat makes it look disgusting.

  8. October 21st… Jan 26th! WELCOME BACK!

  9. foxsydee says:

    Sounds like you had a good time. I guess my invite got lost in the mail….haha! Kidding πŸ™‚ (but not really, woman….when are we going out???)
    My birthday was pretty good. We did The Boathouse in English Bay. Had my favourite steamed crab and I got to try raw oysters for the first time.

  10. lostdwarf says:

    πŸ™‚ It was a family dinner/wine-tasting otherwise you would have been invited! How would you feel about getting together for drinks and whatnot? There's a place in Yaletown called George's Ultra Lounge and I've been wanting to go for a while!
    How were the raw oysters? I keep looking at them and I'm not sure if I want to try it.

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