8 Random Things

Okay, like Ginger Sister, I guess it takes a couple of tags before I'll get off my butt to do one of these meme things. Now to curse you all with further information about me (if you need an eye scrape afterwards, talk to Robbbie). Just be happy I'm writing this with my pants on:

The rules:

  1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
  2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
  3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.
  4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment on their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged, and to come back and read your blog for the whole story

1.) Like Hurricane Hetta, I don't like to wear pants. I really don't. But it's not like I like to wear skirts. I just like to be pantsless, pretty much all the time. Unfortunately, I'm volunteering with the RCMP and there's a rule you can't embarass them in public, plus I think my work place would kick me out and I like money.

It's gotten to the point where I'm planning a PantslessCon with some friends. Others would prefer to wear pants; I've graciously allowed them to wear skirts. But this whole pantsless thing is probably why I'm dragging my ass about moving in with my family. I've gotten so used to living by myself; I'm used to running out of the bathroom bare ass naked (YOUR EYES! YOUR EYES! Hah!) or just wandering around, playing the computer or watching movies with no pants on.

I will not be able to be pantsless with my family. ::sigh::

2.) I know it's hard to tell because I'm so shy and retiring (What? I am! Wait until you meet me in real life!) but I've wanted to rule the world since I was basically 8. I'm still trying to figure out the best and most bloodless way to do it (have you tried getting blood out of cotton? Do you know how hard it is?).

Maybe I'll just take over all media first and then just appoint myself Empress of the World, dangle Paris Hilton over a shark tank and tell everyone that if they don't acknowledge me as their rightful leader, I'll let release her go back in to the public.

Oh, I play hard ball, believe you me.

3.) I also wanted to become an accountant when I was in high school. No idea where that ambition went to but you can't believe how I almost did a cartwheel when I heard about forensic accounting. Dudes, can you think of something better to do during your day then nailing some rich bastard's ass to the wall after he's stolen a bunch of old people's money? Do you know how many of these guys get to walk after taking people's lives away? Way too many and it's because law enforcement wasn't ready. 

And imagine how evil my giggle would be each and every fucking time I get to nail one of these guys to the wall. I love my evil giggle.

4.) When I was 12, I was a HUGE New Kids on the Block fan (NKOTB my ASS!).

And don't mock; the shame still follows me to this day but damn, the music was so catchy!

5.) Half the bad things that happen to me, I tend to blame on my unknown evil twin sister. I swear, there has to be one out there! How else do you explain not having a real date in this millennium?!

Okay, so maybe emasculating every man near me doesn't help either but damn you, bostbwarf! You're ruining my life!

6.) I went through a phase where I really liked, what was termed, "New Country." And then whatstheirnames went and did a duet with Alabama and my love died. If I freaking wanted to listen to pop music, I WOULD LISTEN TO POP MUSIC. I still love Johnny Cash and Alison Krauss but I just can't stand some of the pap that country fans will willingly plop money down for. Just because the song proclaims love for family, the country or Jesus, DOES NOT MAKE IT A GOOD SONG. 

Seriously, it's like Christian music folk, willing to buy anything within "their" genre and not demanding that those artists actually make GOOD music. Demand more from people, for god's sake!

7.) I love trade shows. I love asking people weird random questions that actually pertain to what their industry is and I love watching them scramble to ask my question. I'm smart, I read and I WILL use it to my advantage in order to make you uncomfortable.


Seriously, I need to get a microphone so I can tape myself. I have the most evil giggle.

8.) I'm old enough to still say "record" (reh-cord, vs reee-cord) when an artist releases music, like, "Oh, so Queens of the Stone Age have a new record out?"

It's not even like I'm a vinyl freak (oooh, that could be misconstrued. I mean that I don't enjoy leather face masks. Haha! Kidding, of course I do!) though I've heard and read studies that vinyl actually lasts longer than most other music mediums. It's rather interesting. I wonder if I should start investing in a record player and find an actual record store.

But then I'd have to start smoking pot, paint my bedroom black and have meaningful conversations with my potted plants about how The Man is oppressing the rice crops.

Since I already do that, what's the point?


… yes, I'm joking. Especially if you're an RCMP investigator. Give me my security clearance!

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30 Responses to 8 Random Things

  1. S-----y says:

    Well done, lostdwarf. You made a tired old meme fun again.
    (You really should get a microphone. I bought a $20 Logitech USB mic off Amazon and it's fantastic. Hours of stupid good times.)

  2. foxsydee says:

    I, for one, am glad you are wearing pants while writing this! :p
    For moving in with your family, I recommend getting a full zip velour robe. You can run around pantless without offending people.
    And for getting blood out of cotton, I have one word for you…..Trizyme. It works EVERY time. (ya gotta soak it for at least 30 minutes) I am married to someone who has nosebleeds and does dangerous activities that involve cuts and scrapes. I know about blood.
    And please drop Paris Hilton in the tank. You would win me over it you did! :p

  3. DKN says:

    #3 – the forensic accountants in my office have THE COOLEST JOB out of all them, that's for sure. #4 – Same here – to an embarrassing degree.

  4. lol to all –and (((hugs))) too and PLEASE start doing podcasts!!!!!!!! You'd be so fabulous you'd make our ears water. *waves*

  5. Alex says:

    Okay…I've know you for how long? And known that you hates the pants for how much of that time? And I've never clarified…do you wear underwear whilst pantsless? Or are you just naked from the waist down?

  6. lostdwarf says:

    You really should get a microphone.
    Oddly, you're the second person in about 4 days to tell me this.
    … oh wait, I think he said megaphone. HA! Some moron thinks I'm too quiet!

  7. lostdwarf says:

    Hmm, a granny robe. I'm not sure about that one. Doesn't it age you like 60 years once you put it on?

  8. lostdwarf says:

    I know! They're accountants AND they fight crime! They're like Batman but with calculators!
    … wow, I'm really a huge dork.

  9. lostdwarf says:

    I think it's more that I'll make your ears BLEED!

  10. lostdwarf says:

    I question if you really want either image in your head. If not, please don't read on.
    A little bit of A and a little bit of B. Depends on what my day's like.

  11. Alex says:


    Just kidding. 🙂

  12. lostdwarf says:

    HA! Now you need to go in for a mind's eye scrape!
    You know, I'm kind of surprised no one's asked for a country to rule when I take over the world. I was getting prepared to parcel out land.

  13. Alex says:

    Oh! Oh! Can I get…um…somewhere? Just give me the NE Ohio/PA/Western NY area. That'll encompass like 90% of my family.

  14. lostdwarf says:

    Now my question would be, do you want that area to PROTECT them or to RULE OVER THEM WITH AN IRON FIST?
    And yes.

  15. Alex says:

    Oh, protect, for sure. *innocent smile*

  16. foxsydee says:

    Granny robe? haha…I was actually thinking Mrs. Roper….haha! :p Oh, I kid!
    Does this look like a granny robe? (be wary careful how you answer this! haha!)I have one from the same company but it's ankle length and mine is light blue.

  17. lostdwarf says:

    ::cough:: I plead the Fifth.
    … even though I'm Canadian and it doesn't actually apply to me.
    Heh, it's cute but I'm wary about adding one more thing to my wardrobe. I'm trying to pare down to the actual necessities.
    … as evidenced by me buying a dress that I don't technically need, for my cousin's wedding in a few weeks. Oh well.

  18. foxsydee says:

    LOL….we know you are "paring down"….that's what this conversation is about – you running around bare-ass naked! :p

  19. Kzinti says:

    What? I like running around without pants. What's wrong with that? If I lived in warmer climes, I might go full nude. I guess I'm just comfy in my skin. Oh, and I want to rule the midwest. And my family would be well looked after… In cells… <evil mwuahahahahha>
    And maybe Norway too, so I could take all those blue eyed blonde fair skinned people out and get them really sunburnt before slapping them on the back heartily… Ahh, it's good to be the King…

  20. Oh man! This was a priceless. I think I'd need to hear these points live to get the full effect 😀 So you hate pants too? I find myself just hating clothes. Nothing fits right anyway, you know? Everything is made for harajuku girls, not us real meaty american gals.
    Evil giggle? You absolutely have to record this sometime, really.

  21. lostdwarf says:

    ::writing:: Kzinti, midwest and Norway.
    Got it.

  22. lostdwarf says:

    I like pants if I'm leaving the house. When I'm at home, I prefer being pantsless. It's funny; when I'm on vacation or if I'm sick at home, I'm all pantsless and happy.
    Oh god, don't even get me started with the clothes. Though, I've found a few really great stores that help me in my size 18-ness. I love Lane Bryant (even though I have to buy longer pants than normal because I have a huge fear of their crappy fabric shrinking), Pennington's (their tops are pretty good), Addition-Elle (though the pricing is a little insane sometimes) and I love love love Bodacious (BC owned and run. I think they just have a store in Vancouver).

  23. Yeah, clothes are just dumb. I buy most of my stuff in second-hand shops. But, lately, the way I've been gaining and losing weight, it's hard even when your pants cost all of $4. My goal is to figure out what exactly is my ideal weight give or take a few pounds and just forget it.

  24. Kzinti says:

    I know what my ideal weight is… About 150 pounds lighter than I am now…

  25. I honestly don't know what my ideal weight is because I've been on such a treadmill with it. Bleh…

  26. foxsydee says:

    Hey….I just heard this morning that NKOTB are launching a reunion tour in Canada….and I thought of you! I was never a fan so please don't ask me to go….hahaha! 🙂

  27. lostdwarf says:

    I think I would rather you think of me when you see something about pants than anything about NKOTB.
    I can't believe they even released a new single. For heaven's sake.

  28. foxsydee says:

    they released a new single? gak!
    whatcha doing tonight?

  29. lostdwarf says:

    Family dinner and then an early night for me. I'm sickie right now.
    And not just in a perverted way.

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