QotD: Holiday Cards

Were your holiday cards store bought, handmade, online, TBD or MIA?

Okay, so this is where I admit to something: I'm a really sucky friend. A couple years ago, I sent cards out, they were mostly on time and I put little bits of stuff in there to personalize it for everyone.

Last year, I sent out a Christmas letter instead (since people enjoyed my normal letters so much, unless they were lying) and those ALSO were sent out mostly on time and on pretty stationary.

This year? Nothing. I haven't really started WRITING the letter, my printer is on the fritz and I think I'm out of pretty stationary. Of course this wouldn't matter if my printer worked because I would be able to include colour to the print and whatever. But damn. How is it that I haven't even STARTED?

They're going to get letters for my birthday instead it looks like.

It's so weird to be this busy and lazy. I have tons of stuff to talk about, I love writing letters but nothing.

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6 Responses to QotD: Holiday Cards

  1. Alex says:

    You're busy! I think that's a valid excuse. πŸ˜‰
    Me, however….I just laze around all break, writing nary a card. It's hard adjusting to adulthood. πŸ™‚

  2. handtalker says:

    I hear ya! This has been a different holiday season, for sure.

  3. AngieK says:

    Most years our Christmas letter becomes a "yearly letter" that comes at least sometime before June πŸ™‚

  4. sylph says:

    I just sent mine a few minutes ago. You'll get yours before your birthday if Canada Post does its usual fine job. ;-)But I didn't make them this year. Back problems, slow computer, didn't seem worth it, you know?

  5. the last time I sent cards was a couple of years ago — I sent them as New Years cards — very festive, sparkly and no rush to get them out. A couple people I know switched to that too. Now I don't send any. I hope to set a trend there, also. I love mail-mail, and caards, esp. handmade ones, but everything's always such a rush and last-minute. So I usually make a big fuss about somehting else (some other holiday or event) for the people I know — then they can be relaxed and enjoy it.This year is shot to hell though, for nearly everything.I hope your printed can get fixed???

  6. hey your birthday isn't far away! Have a happy one — in case I get tangled up in stuff and don't do a card for you on itme– πŸ™‚

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