Life Update…

They’ve cut me off. I can’t even randomly check my personal email anymore. Motherfuckers! I’m not sure I can fully explain how bored I am but I’m going to try:


I’m reading previously sent emails for questions that I’m not ever going to get because they’re not part of what I do.


Yup, that’s what my morning’s been. All morning.


Alllll morning. Yay.


So not only did I have to give up my blogging, I have to give up the little bit of email I had? MOTHERFUCKERS!


I miss you guys. This sucks. Not the department, of course, I rather like what I’m doing. I like knowing how much effort is involved in getting into med school. I like knowing that we’re raising up doctors who don’t suck. But I hate the lack of privacy, that sense of how appearance is everything.


OH! When I got in this morning, I had this woman at the elevator do the “look up/look down” to me. That’s so bitchy! I hate when women do that to other women, unless it includes an “OH MY GOD! You look so good!” with it.


And yes, I was wearing pants, cheeky!


Which also reminds me that I really want to buy this shirt. I’m saving up.


AND I finally got the okay for my holiday in October. SWEET! I can buy my flight and life is all good. ::sigh:: I love when life is all good.


What else is going on with me? I’m so backlogged on reading all your Voxes. I’m so sorry; I haven’t even read this week’s Death is Not an Option and you know I love me some DiNaO. I looked at last week’s but… what does it mean when last week’s DiNaO was more disturbing than the David Hasselhoff one? I mean, how do you seriously pick between Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears? They’re both so gross now. And when they weren’t gross, they were jailbait.


What else is going on? Still haven’t read the new Harry Potter but I’m planning on reading it this weekend. I couldn’t start it last weekend when it was delivered because of my sister’s birthday bbq. I remember talking about this before. But yeah, if I’d started it last weekend, I wouldn’t have left my home until I finished it and I had a ton of stuff to do.


This weekend, I’m staying mostly at home (except for a couple sojourns out) and I’m thinking of things I should have around the house that’s easy to make so that I don’t forget to eat on Saturday.

Yes, I’ll forget to eat if I’m really into a book. For some reason, unless I haven’t eaten for over 16 hours and my body starts to disrupt my reading with growling and threats, reading is more important to me than food.


Oh, and I joined a video mailing thingy, like Netflix but since I’m Canadian, it’s Rogers Video Direct. It’s pretty sweet. The option I’ve chosen is one where I give them a certain amount of money a month and they send me unlimited videos but I can only hold on to 3 at a time (though they keep sending me dvds even though I have more than 3 in my possession right now). My Ziplist has over 800 titles on it, mostly movies but a goodly number of tv on dvd.


I love tv on dvd. I love whoever thought of it and I love that you can find pretty much anything on dvd now. Hellooooo, Wonder Woman and A-Team!


Some of you think I’m kidding.


Since joining, I’ve watched Orgazmo (very funny and yes, I’m going to do a review), Stripperella Season 1 Disc 1, Smallville Season 4 Disc 1, Vampires: Los Muertos (the worst vampire movie I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a bunch of them — I might do a review, we’ll see) and right now I’m holding, Stripperella Season 1 Disc 2, Smallville Season 4 Disc 2, Justice League Season 1 Disc 1 and a Justice League movie.


Really, my life is pretty nice.


And if you’re more of a control freak than I am (though I’m quite the control freak with other things) you can choose an option where you number what you want to see and they’ll only send it to you in that order. I don’t particularly care what I see so I’m on the option where they’ll send whatever they have handy that’s on my ziplist. I’m okay with that right now. There isn’t anything that I need to see right now. If there is, I’ll just head to my nearest video store but I don’t see that happening.

Are we all caught up with my life? Now, to get caught up with YOURS! That might take a little while. It was almost a full time job before!


HAH! I figured out a work around for my personal email! Or the site was just down this morning and I’ve been maligning the IT department here unnecessarily. Eh, whichever. I have webmail again!

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16 Responses to Life Update…

  1. Kelly says:

    Welcome back!
    What I did with book 7 was I had snacks set up around the couch. 😉 You may want to try it.

  2. Kristine says:

    Welcome back Sweet Lost…I have missed you around, and you know how I love your blog! So don't do it again! 🙂

  3. lostdwarf says:

    I probably shouldn't mention that I'm only dropping by because it's Friday and most likely I won't have time to drop by again until …. next Sunday or Monday, whenever it's BC Day.
    … Right, I won't mention that.

  4. Alex says:

    Yes, I’ll forget to eat if I’m really into a book. For some reason, unless I haven’t eaten for over 16 hours and my body starts to disrupt my reading with growling and threats, reading is more important to me than food.
    Hee! I actually did that. I was home alone for some hours on Sunday, and I totally forgot about lunch until I was done with the book and my mom asked me what I had for lunch. I mean, the thought didn't even cross my mind. I love that "book zone". 🙂

  5. You're heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrre!! I'm so glad. I mean, you're not here, bec they're so nasty to you, but you're still here. Erk. Anyway – I'm so happy to see you! Can't read your reviews right now- need to go food shopping (bleccch) but I'll be back soon .::smooooooochies::

  6. sylph says:

    I miss you come back.

  7. faerie~wings says:

    We miss you! Return to us, Lostie, or we shall perish of boredom! Not that all my other neighbors are boring. sorry guys!)

  8. lostdwarf says:

    You guys are so sweet! I've actually started writing blog posts during my down time at work on Word so that it looks like I'm working. Hopefully this means you'll hear more from me from now on. Oooh, and maybe I'll have time to do a good description of the wedding.
    wait… if you're new to my blog, it's not my wedding. Thank God.

  9. ChickenGrrl says:

    Am I still sweet, even though I'm later than everyone else posting my "I miss you!"s? 😉 Nah, I wouldn't have even been sweet if I'd been "on time." It's just not in my nature. BUT STILL, I MISS YOU!!!1. Good to know potential doctors are put through the wringer before going to medical school. Filling out forms and dealing with bureaucracy will be a part of their lives for eternity; best to get used to it at an early age, and (one hopes) weed out the ones who suck horribly at it.2. I think you should wear the Glarkware shirt every single day, and try to walk by that snotty woman's desk with it as often as possible. No? *sigh*3. Yay for future holidays! Where are you going?4. I've done that forgetting-to-eat-when-engrossed-in-a-great-book thing many, many times, though it's been years, I'm afraid. Damn television for being too good! Wait, what am I saying? I'd better lie down…4a. TV on DVD is one of the greatest inventions since TV.4b. If you've never seen Stranger Than Fiction, may I recommend you put it in your queue or Ziplist or whatever, and even move it high up if you're so inclined? It's one of the best little overlooked gems of last year. It stars Will Ferrell (actually acting, not mugging) as a drone of an IRS auditor, and Emma Thompson as an eccentric writer, with Queen Latifah as her assistant and Maggie Gyllenhaal as a woman Ferrell audits. (I don't want to tell you too much of the plot, lest I ruin it, but there are synopses at IMDb, linked above.) There are cameos by Dustin Hoffmann, Kristen Chenoweth, Linda Hunt, Tom Hulce, and others, including the annoying guys from the Sonic commercials (which you probably don't have in Canada?). It's funny (though not, like, screwball, pee-yourself funny), touching without being cloying, and thoroughly original – I never knew where it was going next. And the DVD extras are totally worth watching; I found them fascinating, and was disappointed there weren't more!5. I'm skipping your reviews (again) because I haven't seen Orgazmo (and want to), but I'm thinking about reading the vampire one anyway just because it sounds Bad with a capital B, and I'll probably never see it, and I might enjoy "hearing" you ripping it to shreds. OK, I guess I've talked myself into it now.6. Boo for lack of privacy, but yay for web mail! (Send me your e-mail address and I'll mail you silly stuff as it occurs to me – I can even stalk you if you want! 😉 [I would be the worst stalker ever; I'm too lazy!])7. Yay for posts composed on the sly at work! I can't wait to read about the wedding. Oh, though I suppose I'll have to, unless I can invent a time machine.COME BACK SOON!!! ❤

  10. lostdwarf says:

    I just put Stranger Than Fiction in my queue (Alex keeps recommending it too!) so it'll show up sooner or later.
    My holiday? I'm heading to Atlanta and Memphis to see some friends, hang out and drink a lot. Oh, and I'm making them feed me lots too. Plus there's going to be karaoke, bad movie and something called a Fur Bus.
    I'm hoping to keep up with my neighbourhood more often because I've just gone through 50 pages of stuff you guys have written in the last two weeks! You're KILLING me!

  11. ChickenGrrl says:

    I just put Stranger Than Fiction in my queue Yay! I hope you like it as much as I did – and that I (we) haven't over-hyped it.Your holiday sounds wonderful. I've not spent much time in Atlanta, and never been to Memphis. I'm jealous!I've just gone through 50 pages of stuff you guys have written in the last two weeks! You're KILLING me!Ha! How much do you love me for almost never posting an actual entry?! 😉 I mean, I know; I can't keep up either.

  12. lostdwarf says:

    I'm sure it'll be fantastic, mostly because I have such a girl-crush on Emma Thompson.

  13. ChickenGrrl says:

    I have such a girl-crush on Emma Thompson. Ha, me too. Did you see Jane's celebrity lookalike post? I was afraid to confess such a thing there…

  14. I have such a girl-crush on Emma Thompson. I used to, until I found out that she and Hugh Laurie were an item and then I just wanted to tear her hair out (figuratively speaking, of course).(If he's ever just wandering free, I get him. Don't care if I'm older or not. Maybe I can show him a thing or two. Heh.)

  15. Kelly says:

    I don't think that's true. She's married and has a baby. And he's married to someone named Jo Green. So you may want to find her and tear her hair out. 🙂

  16. I don't think that's true. She's married and has a baby. And he's
    married to someone named Jo Green. So you may want to find her and
    tear her hair out. 🙂 Oh, yes-it was a while ago – I'm biding my time… … one never knows….heee……………………..

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