So I was going to do a post on good vs evil, the existence of God and Satan, how you can be a scientist and a Christian while also touching on different points of what exactly is faith.

Yeah, that's all gone out of my head because poetry pants guy walked past me on my way to the copier.

Dudes, he's taller than I am. And not like a little bit taller. Like TALLER taller! Now you're thinking, "Lady, you're Chinese. How freaking tall are YOU? I mean, don't you need a step stool to touch the top of your own head?"

To that I say, NAY! NAY TO YOU!

Yes, I'm in a goofy mood. Thinking about belief and faith does that to me. PLUS HE'S TALL!

And yeah, I can stop feeling bad about ogling him. He's got to be closer to my age than I thought originally.

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15 Responses to Okay…

  1. faerie~wings says:

    Just for you I think I'm going to write a poem on a tiny piece of pants and put it up on my Etsy. Maybe a haiku, like:Nice Firm Round ButtocksStriding Past Me Every DayDestroying My Thoughts.*evil cackle*

  2. Aubrey says:

    To that I say: Boyfriend is 6'3"
    Nyah! Nyah!
    Anyway, I would like a photo of any guy who carries metric literature in his trousers.

  3. lostdwarf says:

    Aubrey: I've been trying to think of ways to get a picture of him. I don't think I could ninja one, as much as I'd like to think I could. I'd probably just get tangled in the wire, fall to his feet and then scurry away like a rodent.
    That's not really the best first impression, I don't think.
    CW: HAH! Make sure you link to it!

  4. Oh, man, this entire post, comments included, is making me laugh so hard.Listen, lostdwarf: Does he acknowledge you? Does he know you are there? Is he any sort of a colleague? Because really, how long are you going to have to be around him and not JUMP him??????? Is this a short-term job? Can you find out anything about him, from anyone else? Or from ::ahem:: snooping?He's tall, he's apparently hot like the flames of the Hell (just a nod to the original purpose of your post…), he's NOT too young — you know where I'm headed with this, yes? OK, well. there it is – !!! Either that,or invest in some cold packs, because you just may overheat.

  5. lostdwarf says:

    The most I get is a smile and a hi. ::sigh::
    But yeah, I think this is my last week in this building. I'll probably be moving to the other building next week. They seem to be all set up and ready to go.
    ::sniff:: I might not see him after this week. What'll perk up my day?

  6. faerie~wings says:

    Well, here's a card you can send him. 🙂 Aren't I awesome? You know I am!

  7. lostdwarf says:

    Oh. My. God.
    If I knew his name, I would slip one of these cards in his mailbox. HILARIOUS!

  8. foxsydee says:

    CW: that card is AWESOME! haha!! I am sensing a new line for your etsy….

  9. GREAT card!!! Woweee!

  10. I might not see him after this week. What'll perk up my day? Too bad you can't get a picture -you could post him and then we could comment on him, and then you could let him see him through the eyes of all your Vox friends and family. And then he would melt into a little puddle of male embarrassment and you could scoop him up and take him home with you in a Baggie. Yes?Or, you could just, you know- f.l.i.r.t Or not.You know, he might be a good looking poem-pantsy loserguy, and you're better off leaving him in your dust. There- did I cover everything? 🙂 .

  11. faerie~wings says:

    hehe… I just made two more with blank interiors. You know, it IS hard to get good flirty cards!

  12. Toe-Knee says:

    CW, is there anything you don't sell? I wonder how you can put together all your crafts, write 3 blogs a day, and have kids… you make me tired just thinking about it. I'm gonna lie down.

  13. faerie~wings says:

    The blogs I do while putting the boy down to sleep and the crafts I do while he's sleeping. How I'll live life when he naps less is a mystery!

  14. sylph says:

    I think we should all, by now, be familiar with the Chinese tradition of excellence at basketball. Er, yes, relevance. Does he wear poetry pants each day?

  15. lostdwarf says:

    And unfortunately, no. A couple days ago, he wore pants that seemed to give him a wedgie. That was slightly disappointing.

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