Vox Hunt: Villainous

Video:  Show us your favorite TV or movie villain. 
Submitted by Felipe Anuel.

My ABSOLUTE favourite villain. She was evil and if you pissed her off or hurt her feelings, you paid. Dearly. Man, I wish I was in film. I would LOVE to do a live action Sleeping Beauty, mixing the original story with the Disneyfied one. I never thought it was completely fair that 3 fairies and some stupid prince ganged up on Maleficent to defeat her.

Though I guess the argument could be made that she was harnessing the powers of Hell.

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7 Responses to Vox Hunt: Villainous

  1. WackieJackie says:

    Oh man, she's totally my favorite too! I love how truely scary and evil she was.

  2. lostdwarf says:

    I KNOW! She's so great. I have the costume at home and I dressed as her for a couple costume parties.

  3. You have her costume? Nice. Pix?
    I couldn't decide between her or Cruella Deville -she wasn't as amazing as Maleficent, but it was puppies. I mean, really, puppies?
    I wonder if they were sisters.

  4. lostdwarf says:

    Oddly, I don't have a picture of me in the costume. I think there's one
    out there because I actually wore it to work (I worked for the Disney
    Store for a while) during Hallowe'en and a man had his daughter take a
    picture with me and someone dressed like Tigger.

    Then he took a picture with the both of us without his daughter. That was kind of weird.

  5. Disney Store for a wh You did? That's a neat-seeming job – sounds like it would be fun, as much fun as retail can be, you knw? ( I worked for one of those "fancy" department stores in the Misses Dept when I was 19, 20 – I know retail can be AGGRAVATING beyond belief!!)
    But Disney stuff? Cool. Oh, except for bratty kids. Not cool. Do you have stories?

  6. Then he took a picture with the both of us without his daughter. That was kind of weird. Yes. Seems odd. Well, maybe he planned to make the picture into a Disnety gift for his kid?

  7. lostdwarf says:

    I actually really liked it. When I first got there, the training was amazing and you really learn about serious customer service. Plus the perks were pretty damn good.
    But I left when they started to restructure and the new Divisional Manager didn't like me because I talked when we did morning stock. she seemed to think that made us work slower. My thought was that it kept us from thinking that we were at work at 6 am and it made the entire atmosphere friendlier.
    Plus they kept changing how the store was run because the US stores weren't making money (even though the Canadian stores were doing really well) because they'd over-expanded in the US. Not enough market research, I guess.
    But yeah, I was there for a good 4 years.

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