Quiz! (Yes, another one)

From Emily Sears:

Do you try to conjure specific dreams before sleep? Want to share the subject? Has it ever worked?

I've tried. I had this really great one and I tried to have it again but it just doesn't work that way. However, the people who say that if you think about something that's bothering you and you meditate on it before you go to sleep and in sleep, you'll find your answer? Yeah, those people aren't as full of shit as you'd like to think. That's worked for me.

Can you do any magic/conjuring parlor tricks?

Nope. I suck at it.

Which mythology would you rather see come to life, Greek, Chinese, Celtic, or Nordic? Why?

You know, I've only ever really studied Greek so probably Greek. I don't really know anything about Chinese mythology outside of some dragon things (since I'm born in the year of the dragon).

Do you ever sneak food into the movie theater? Such as? What do you carry it in?

Yes, anything. Burgers, french fries, carrots one time when I was on a serious health kick. Actually, when I was a teenager, I snuck poutine under my jacket which is harder than you'd think. You have to be really careful not to tip it otherwise the gravy spills out. 

If you could commit any one bad habit or illegal offense whenever you liked without repercussions, which would you choose?

If I said "steal," does that make me a really bad person?

What do you know more about than other people?

Not much. Maybe… JD Robb books? Wow… that sounds really pathetic.

What is magic?


Did you ever have a crush on a cartoon character? Which one?

Sure. I used to love Bugs Bunny. Who else? Oh, I remember when I first started working at the Disney Store; Mulan had just come out and women would come into our store to watch that scene with what's his name on our big screen. Because he was shirtless. But a cartoon. That actually got me through quite a few days, laughing at the image of that. 

What is the oldest article of clothing you own? Did you buy it new?

Clothing? You got me on that. I don't tend to keep clothes for very long and I don't usually buy vintage. Maybe my Hard Rock Cafe Paris t-shirt? I bought it 14 years ago.

Share a small portion of the longest passage of literature you have committed to memory:

"To be, or not to be. That is the question…" blah blah blah I can't remember the rest of it right now. I always loved it because, for me, it opened up this idea of death and what death actually is. Also, it's about how to approach life. I think, for me, it's why Hamlet is my favourite Shakespeare play. I know he's not a "typical" Shakepearean hero but I loved him. I loved how he wanted to know before he did, how he wanted to have truth versus just revenge.

For quite a few years, I had his whole siloloquay memorized. Well, that one and Dylan Thomas's "Don't Go Gentle Into That Good Night." I think those two pieces have probably formed many of my thoughts and feelings on life and death.

For better or for worse.

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2 Responses to Quiz! (Yes, another one)

  1. otherwise the gravy spills out. – LOL – !!
    Bugs Bunny – Awww, Bugs. A cutie.
    Because he was shirtless. But a cartoon. That actually got me through quite a few days, laughing at the image of that That's so funny! Amazing! Did these ladies say anything, or just, er, pant?
    To be, or not to be. That is the question Yes, that's deep stuff. Hamlet would be pretty interesting to meet, in person, don't you think?
    That was all so interesting. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. ChickenGrrl says:

    I'm cracking up at the idea of sneaking poutine into the movies. I had to look up what it is; I'd heard of it before, but it's one of those things I can never remember. If the gravy were the vegetarian sort, it sounds like dream comfort food!It's funny how so many people whose answers I've read have said they can't conjure their dreams, either. I have this one recurring dream that I haven't had in a long time that I'd very much like to have again. It involves being in a house and discovering all these rooms I didn't know were there. (And there's another one involving a scary "shortcut" to the place where I camp with all my bestest buddies every year.) It's different houses almost every time, sometimes ones I've actually been in, sometimes not, usually older houses. One of my BFFs, who's got a master's in…something psychology/counseling-related… explained that to a lot of dream analysts, the house would represent my self, and the rooms were parts of me I'd yet to discover. Isn't that a beautiful thought? Now, why can't I have that dream again?!

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