My health…

Let's see if I can make my whining funny:
So, lately, I've been feeling really tired plus I've been having some weird asthma attacks, coupled with panic attacks (they'd mostly gone away when I changed jobs) and a couple days ago, I thought I figured out why: occasionally, I don't breathe when I'm sleeping on my back. Nice. It seems my seasonal sleep apnea has started and it's only February.
I figured no REM sleep = lower brain functions = panic attacks (at least for me) and the only way to breathe when sleeping? Sleep on my side. I spent last night trying to sleep on my side throughout the night. It's harder than it seems but I might try moving my bed up against a wall so that I have a little more support, though who wants to bet that one night I'm going to wake up because I just broke my nose against the wall?
Yes, it'll probably happen.
What else is wrong? Well, I've been poisoning my body by eating foods I'm allergic to. What foods am I allergic to? Well, let's just make this easy and do a list:

1.) The biggest one: corn. Corn. So, corn starch, corn syrup, corn sugar, all bad for me. And what do I mean by "bad"? Well, I kind of stop breathing or at the very least, I find it really hard to breathe. YAY! And you want to guess what kind of foods contain corn? Every fucking thing.

For me, I've gotten out of the habit of cooking so I tend to buy microwaveable things like pizza, pot pies, things like that. No longer. It seems that every frozen pizza out there has some incarnation of corn. I found this out the hard way when I had some Bagel Bites and my throat went really scratchy and started to close. It was, to say the least, kind of annoying.

2.) Wheat but more specifically whole wheat. Yup, what nutritionists recommend you eat because of the added fiber, I'm allergic to like corn. Well, not like corn, exactly. It's less annoying and typically will make me wake up feeling like I'm hung over without the fun of actually drinking the night before.

3.) Dairy. Yup, dairy. Oh, it's not "projectile diarrhea" kind of allergic like some people have it… exactly. I can ingest small amounts of dairy; it's just when my body decides I've gone over my amount (that changes every freaking time) … well, let's just say bad things happen.

4.) Shrimp and other shell fish. I wasn't when I was younger. I could eat shrimp, crab and lobster all day long and not feel a thing. Then I hit 17, 18 years old and no longer. I didn't realize how bad it had actually gotten until I went out to dinner with my friends to Benihana and the cook we had made my meal in the same area he used to make my friend's shrimpy dish. Um… how do I say this? I became well acquainted with a gas station bathroom.

Now, what am I actually allergic to and what is my body just reacting to because I haven't really been monitoring my food intake as well as I should be? I have no idea. I have the feeling that shrimp might come off the list after my food detox. It did last time. I don't know about crab and lobster though I hope so. It's like torture to go out and not be able to eat the spicy crab or the noodles that come with it.

Haven't started the detox yet. I'm going to be smarter about it this time: no vegan week (I was thisclose to killing someone last time), I'm going to find out how to incorporate a larger variety of food and spices in the food, I've asked friends for salad dressing recipes (good for dinners since I don't eat a lot at that time of day anyway).

Dammit, this wasn't funny. Oh well, any salad dressing recipes you could provide, olive/safflower/canola oil based preferably, without dairy or fruit juices would be lovely. Oh and if you could figure out a nice way to cook beans, that would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

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2 Responses to My health…

  1. Alex says:

    Psh, you're not whining. I'm pretty sure I've blogged about having a cold. That is whining.

  2. Rosie Lou says:

    Hope you get better son 🙂

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