Movie Review: After the Thin Man

See previous disclaimer. No spoilers. This one is too good to spoil.

Set on New Year's Eve, Nora's cousin Selma's husband Robert Landis is killed after he bribes David (the man who was engaged to Selma right before she married Landis) in order to leave with a night club singer (Polly Byrnes).


This is a movie you need to see twice, mostly to see how well they manipulated you and also to re-watch the scene with Nick and Nora chasing Asta for a clue that was thrown through their kitchen window. I have a heart of stone and I still gasped the second time I watched it.

It's hard to explain what I love about this series. This is probably my favourite of all the Thin Man movies. It fleshes out Nick and Nora's relationship and doesn't feel the need to follow the canon set by the book. Their relationship is probably the best part of the movies and considering how much I love the actual story line, that's saying a lot.

I also love seeing the men in their suits and fedoras, wearing long trench-style coats, elegant without being manicured. I love the clothes Nora wears and I wish I had the body type that could wear the same style.

But the best thing about this movie? One of the men who owns the Chinese restaurant/nightclub is actually Chinese and not white-paying-Chinese.

What? I'm Chinese and it's weird to watch Charlie Chan movies. Funny as hell, but weird.

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